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Preparing for Your COTA® Exam Second Attempt

Posted by TherapyEd on Feb 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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At TherapyEd, we strive to do everything we can to help OTA students like you pass the COTA® exam on their first try. Unfortunately, some students are not successful the first time they take the exam. If you didn’t pass the COTA® exam on your first try, don’t feel discouraged. You’re still well on your way to becoming a practicing occupational therapist assistant, and with the right preparation, you can pass the COTA® exam the second time.

Here’s a path to help you prepare for your COTA® exam second attempt:

Apply for Your COTA® Exam Second Attempt As Soon as Possible

It may be tempting to take some time to reflect and review material before committing to your next exam. We advise that you do not waste time before applying for your second attempt. There is a required 30-day waiting period to retake the COTA® exam after taking it your first time, and once your application is approved, you’ll have 90 days to take the exam again.

If you apply as soon as you’re able for the next exam, you’ll be more likely to get started on your study plan sooner and stay on track. Additionally, the sooner you try again, the fresher the material will be for your next exam date. Of course, if there were major shortcomings in your previous preparation or knowledge base you may want to wait longer, but for most students overcoming the understandable disappointment, focusing on your second attempt is best.

Update Your Study Plan to Tackle Problem Areas

In addition to securing your COTA® exam second attempt exam date, revisit your study plan. As you update your study strategy and calendar, focus more heavily on the areas where you struggled. Having taken the exam once already, you now have the advantage of being able to identify and concentrate on the areas where you were weaker the first time.

You may have also realized after your first COTA® exam attempt that all-night, cramming study sessions are not the most effective way to learn material. Develop a plan for gradually covering the most challenging material over the months or weeks leading up to your second attempt, and block off time on your calendar every day to review COTA® exam content. Don’t forget, however, to revisit the areas you were more confident in as well to refresh your memory.

Use Additional, More Comprehensive Study Resources

There’s a reason why our COTA® Exam Review & Study Guide is the best-selling test prep book for OTA students. Written by some of the most distinguished educators in the profession and updated every year, it’s the most comprehensive guide available to help you cover every single OTA content domain leading up to your second attempt.

We also strongly recommend attending a prep course before taking the COTA® exam a second time. In our COTA® Exam Prep Course, an experienced TherapyEd instructor will guide you through the reasoning strategies you’ll employ while taking the COTA® exam and help you clear any hurdles that stand in your way to passing the exam on your second try. We’re so confident in our courses that we offer this guarantee: if, for some reason, you don’t pass the exam after taking our course, you can take the course again for free to revisit the areas where you struggle the most.

Take Three Practice Exams

Over the course of your preparation leading up to your second attempt, take three full practice exams. This will help you monitor your improvements in your problem areas and keep your memory fresh on your strongest content domains.

TherapyEd’s Review & Study Guide for the COTA® exam includes three practice exams to help you fully prepare for your second attempt. Our practice exams are designed to be more rigorous than the actual COTA® exam to challenge you and make you feel comfortable and confident with the level of difficulty you’ll face on exam day.

If you’ve followed your updated study schedule, passed your practice exams, and feel confident and ready to start your career, you’re most likely ready to take the COTA® exam again.

We believe that with the confidence of our experience, you will succeed on your second attempt and pass the COTA® exam. Sign up for a TherapyEd Prep Course and order our Review & Study Guide now to get started on your career.