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How to Know When You're Ready to Take the SLP Praxis® Exam

Posted by TherapyEd on Dec 19, 2017 1:18:00 PM

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If you’re like most SLP students, you’re wondering how to know when you’re ready to take the SLP Praxis® exam. Have you studied long enough? Do you know all the right material? Will you just feel it in your gut? Everyone is different, so there are no clear finish lines like studying for 100 hours or reading your SLP Praxis® exam review book five times. But, there are four signs that can indicate when you’re ready to take the SLP Praxis® exam –– and pass.


1. You've Followed Your Study Schedule

Study plans are crucial for success. At the outset of your SLP Praxis® exam preparation, you should develop a clear, comprehensive schedule that outlines areas of focus and how you’ll tackle your biggest weaknesses. This schedule will help you pinpoint when you’re ready to take the SLP Praxis® exam.

If you follow along with that plan, meet your study goals, and clearly notice yourself retaining knowledge, you should feel confident in your abilities by the time your SLP Praxis® exam day arrives — whether it’s in two, three or six months.


2. You've Done Well on Your Practice Exams

If you’ve done well on multiple SLP Praxis® practice exams –– and there’s been an improvement every time you’ve taken one –– this is a clear indicator of when you’re ready to take the SLP Praxis® exam. We recommend taking all of the available TherapyEd practice exams, which closely match the format of the actual exam and are designed to be more rigorous than the SLP Praxis® exam itself to better prepare you to succeed.

We also suggest that you closely replicate the conditions of the exam. For example, take the practice SLP Praxis® exam at the same time your exam is scheduled, sit at a desk, wear what you would the day of the exam, and eat what you would beforehand. Passing your practice exams under identical conditions will provide a better gauge for determining when you’re ready to pass the SLP Praxis® exam.


3. You're Confident You Know the Material Inside and Out

After studying your SLP Praxis® exam material for some time, including taking practice tests, you may find yourself dreaming of the SLP Praxis® exam content at night. While some may view this as a symptom of test anxiety, it can also be a sign that you’ve thoroughly retained the SLP Praxis® exam material and are ready to take your exam.

As you review material, if you can anticipate what comes next and make logical connections right off the bat, that’s a clear sign that you are prepared. But be warned: don’t confuse familiarity with comprehension. Challenge yourself to look at each content domain in different ways and approach questions from a new lens to ensure that you haven’t just memorized your SLP Praxis® exam study materials, but can think critically about them.


4. You Feel Ready To Start Your Career

At its core, this test is a professional exam. If you feel you’re ready to be a speech-language pathologist and to apply what you’ve learned to real-life patients, you’re likely ready to pass the SLP Praxis® exam and begin that next phase of your career.

Of course, there are no guaranteed indicators of when you’re ready to take the SLP Praxis® exam. Other factors like unexpected life events can throw you for a loop. But if you identify with the above qualities, you should feel confident enough to keep test anxiety at bay.


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